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I came to running as a way to lose weight, but quickly discovered a passion for the sport, the science behind training, and the beauty and struggle in setting tough goals and pushing my limits. Along the way, I've managed to drop over 40 pounds, shave off over an hour on my marathon time, and finished multiple ultra-distance events and multi-day mountain adventures. 

I started Brooklyn Distance Running in 2012 to help runners develop their knowledge, skill, and passion for the sport. I train runners of all abilities for a variety of distances–from beginner to veteran, from 1 mile to 100 miles, and from local tracks and parks to distant trails and mountains. I combine a strong knowledge of endurance training with a highly individualized approach to coaching. I have a keen interest in the mental side of running, and work hard to train my runner's brains as well as their bodies, as I believe the greatest success and longevity in this sport comes from being prepared both mentally and physically.

I have an equal love of road and trail running, and I tend to split my own training and racing between asphalt and dirt. I've raced numerous half-marathons, marathons, and ultra-marathons. My trail running adventures have taken me from the historic alpine trails of the Dolomites, to scorching deserts of the Southwest, to the kalalu trail in Kauai, to over 13,500 feet in the Rockies. My favorite run is the one I get to do tomorrow.