Gina S: "Matt is a runners’ runner and a true coach. He will craft a training plan that makes sense for your goal, schedule and level. Working with Matt has made me understand the whole training picture, and my fitness has really improved! I’ve been able to reach (and even surpass) my goals, and understand how to stay injury-free. His enthusiasm and knowledge are inspiring."

Michael K: "Whether it's your first or your fiftieth marathon, Matt at Brooklyn Distance Running is the coach for you. Matt strikes the perfect balance of just the right amount of information to inform each step of the process without overwhelming you. Thanks to hands-on help and great advice about form, stretching, nutrition, sleep, and even gear, I was able to run my first marathon in 3:15.  Matt's a great coach!"


Josh E: "Matt's training is intense but effective. He's a communicative, hands-on coach, and was always happy to tweak my workouts according to my needs. He helped me take over six minutes off of my half-Marathon time - highly recommended