Gina S: "Matt is a runners’ runner and a true coach. He will craft a training plan that makes sense for your goal, schedule and level. Working with Matt has made me understand the whole training picture, and my fitness has really improved! I’ve been able to reach (and even surpass) my goals, and understand how to stay injury-free. His enthusiasm and knowledge are inspiring."

Michael K: "Whether it's your first or your fiftieth marathon, Matt at Brooklyn Distance Running is the coach for you. Matt strikes the perfect balance of just the right amount of information to inform each step of the process without overwhelming you. Thanks to hands-on help and great advice about form, stretching, nutrition, sleep, and even gear, I was able to run my first marathon in 3:15.  Matt's a great coach!"


Josh E: "Matt's training is intense but effective. He's a communicative, hands-on coach, and was always happy to tweak my workouts according to my needs. He helped me take over six minutes off of my half-Marathon time - highly recommended


Lori B: I first reached out to Coach Matt to help me train for the 2015 Chicago Marathon, with a goal to qualify for the 2017 Boston Marathon. He also coached me for that 2017 Boston Marathon, through an achilles injury, and from opposite coasts. (I moved from Brooklyn to Oakland in 2016.) 

Two months into training for the 2017 Boston Marathon, I developed achilles tendinosis. My goal for the race quickly changed from wanting another PR to just wanting to make it there and cross the finish line. Coach Matt knew exactly how to help me train through the injury without any hesitation. We modified my program based on my progress in rehab and how I felt on a weekly basis. I trusted Coach Matt completely and couldn't have done it without him.

I have learned and have grown so much as an athlete because of Coach Matt. And through it all, he’s been responsive and adaptable to my changing goals and fitness over the years. He offers a ton of support by checking in with me regularly and by making himself available for any questions throughout the week. He also has a great sense of humor to boot!

Whether you have a goal time for a race or if your goal is just to finish one, whether you're near (in Brooklyn) or far (in California!), I highly recommend working with Coach Matt to help you get there.

Kitty D: "When I ran the Harrisburg Marathon in 4:41:15 I would have bet my life on the fact that I would never be a sub 4 hour marathoners. I would have laughed in your face. I went to Matt with the idea that I would like to become a strong enough runner that I could finish the NYCM happy to get my medal and break 4:30 to get my name in the NYT on Marathon Monday. Seemingly countless 11mile Tuesdays and some cross training that made me feel like I was Elaine dancing on Seinfeld later and I ran the NYCM in 03:57:44. A 43 min PR! I also took nearly 10 min off of my half marathon time, going from 1:56:49 at the NYC Half to 1:47:03 at the SmuttyNose half later that year. While these PRs THRILL me the best part is that I did these things totally injury free and feeling great at the finish line. Matt was super patient with me rearranging my schedule when need be and checking in when I fell off the radar. You really couldn't ask for a better or more knowledgeable Coach."