Monthly online coaching is perfect for veterans and novices alike. We collaborate to set meaningful and inspiring goals–wether that's running your first race, an adventure run, taking down an FKT, or setting a new PR.


  • A custom-tailored, dynamic plan that grows with you as your life, fitness, or needs as an athlete change.

  • A close athlete-coach relationship where we work together to learn what motivates you and put that into practice with setting goals and working to achieve them.

  • Constant communication and unlimited access via email, text, or phone where applicable.

  • All facets of training open for discussion: if its affecting your enjoyment of running then we’ll work on it!

  • Free TrainingPeaks account to track your training.

  • No setup fee.

PRICE: $150 monthly


This option is meant for more experienced and self-sufficient athletes who want a fully customized plan, but don't require regular monitoring from or access to a coach. 


  • Fully customized training schedule targeting your goal race, broken up into distinct phases with clear instructions for all workouts.

  • Personalized pacing profiles for training and racing where applicable.

  • Self-executed fitness tests to monitor your progress.

  • Free TrainingPeaks account to track and analyze your training.

  • Training and racing tips built into your plan.

PRICE: A one-time fee based on the race distance, number of weeks, and and event format.

Please contact me if you are interested in a customized training plan.